New Study 1: for Melaleuca Research

PConcerning Human Cells and Mineral Absorption

Melaleuca scientist, Dr. Alexander Rabovsky, teamed with Dr. William Diehl-Jones, a University of Manitoba scientist and the developer of an advanced model for the study of pharmaceutical and nutritional bioavailability. Together, they developed a means of simulating absorption in the human digestive tract.Their experiments, designed to test the effectiveness of Melaleuca's Oligo formulation, were the first time ever that actual human intestinal cells were used to test the absorption of a complete multivitamin-mineral formula.


The results of this study demonstrated clearly that Melaleuca's Oligo enables an advanced degree of solubility, thereby increasing the absorption of minerals through the intestinal wall.

New Study 2: for Melaleuca Research

Oligo and the Free Radical Effect

Dr. Bruno Fink, a specialist in the measurement of free radical activity, conducted this study for Melaleuca. Dr. Fink is founder of Noxygen Science Transfer and Diagnostics, a world-class scientific research facility in Elzach, Germany.

Using human participants, Dr. Fink measured free radical activity during the digestion of two different vitamin formulations. One supplement was Melaleuca's Oligo. The other formulation was typical of that used in standard vitamins available on the shelf.


When non-Oligo supplements were taken, Dr. Fink observed an intense spike in free radical activity in the digestive tract of the subjects. Moreover, the free radicals formed in the digestive tract were then observed to spread throughout the entire body.

When Melaleuca's Oligo supplements were digested, the production of free radicals proved to be significantly less than that seen with formulas based on non-Oligo mineral forms.


The Noxygen study documented that Melaleuca's Oligo formulation not only protects the digestive tract from excessive free radical generation but serves to extend that protection throughout the body.

"Melaleuca's Oligo out-performs any non-Oligo mineral supplement on the market" (Frank VanderSloot, Melaleuca CEO).