Oligo™ by Melaleuca

"Melaleuca provides the only mineral-delivery technology formulated Just Like Nature™" (Melaleuca CEO, Frank VanderSloot)

Plants draw minerals from the soil, then bind those minerals to natural compounds like proteins and fibers. When you eat those mineral-rich plants, you are cooperating with Nature's plan for keeping your body healthy and strong.

Every mineral your body needs for optimal health can be obtained from the earth, and the best way to obtain those minerals is by eating fruits and vegetables. Do you get sufficient minerals in your diet? Probably not. Most of us don't.

That is why you need Oligo.

Melaleuca's CEO, Frank VanderSloot, asked the Melaleuca scientists to design a more effective multivitamin & mineral supplement-one that would better reflect how nature really works, so they started building (literally) from the ground up.

10 Times More Available for Absorption

Melaleuca's Oligo works Just Like Nature.

Oligo works the same way nature works-by binding minerals to organic compounds. Because Melaleuca's Oligo delivers nutrients similar to how they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, your body absorbs more of the essential minerals it needs for health.

In fact, the minerals in Oligo are proven by scientific research to be up to 10 times more available for absorption than the minerals in the leading brands.*

Labels don't tell you about the solubility and absorption properties of the pills inside-but these are critical to how available the minerals are to your body. Try replacing your brand name multivitamins with the Melaleuca Vitality Pack and see if you can feel the difference.

You may never go back to the grocery store for nutritional supplements.

Oligo-bound minerals are over 85% soluble in the intestines; up to 10 times more
soluble than the unbound minerals used in One A Day™ and Centrum®.‡

Melaleuca's Oligo Protects Antioxidants

Oligo's "Just Like Nature" formulation helps in another way too.

Supplements formulated in the regular way can lead to a burst of free radical activity when they are digested, and free radicals can nullify the benefits you were seeking by taking supplements in the first place.

Melaleuca's Oligo formulation is different.

The Oligo method protects these critical antioxidants. Consequently, your body is better able to access the nutrition it needs-meaning more energy during the day and better health as you age.

Oligo makes financial sense too.

Because regular vitamins and minerals are aren't as absorbable as Melaleuca's Oligo, it would take nearly FIVE bottles (990 pills) of Centrum® to make the same amount of vitamin C and copper available to your body as you could get from the Vitality Pack with Oligo.

Now that you know about Oligo, why would you ever trust your health to any other brand?

Do something good for yourself every day: Oligo!

Because traditional vitamins and minerals are difficult for your body to absorb, it would take nearly FIVE bottles (990 pills) of Centrum® to have the same vitamin C and copper available for absorption as you would get from the Vitality Pack with Oligo.

*When tested against the sulfate, gluconate, oxide, and fumarate forms of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc (the forms commonly used by almost all commercially marketed nutritional supplements) at intestinal conditions.

†Solubility of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc at intestinal pH (7.0–7.2). Solubility for Melaleuca’s form was determined as percent of ingredient remaining in solution at pH 7.0 after being at pH 1.0 (stomach conditions). Competitors' ingredients solubility data taken from Merck Index and Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

‡Trademarks are property of the respective owners.

§Melaleuca Preferred Customer price. Competitor product prices from Drugstore.com, April 30, 2010. Prices may vary.